A group show of feel-good, small works

Art has always been a cathartic means of communication. While it is a common experience to fall in love with a certain artwork, scientists now have evidence that shows the brain reacts similarly when viewing artwork as when falling in love! It has always had the ability to serve as a source of happiness, light-heartedness, and joy. When the going gets tough, whether it’s in your career, the unfortunate political and social climate, or even your love life, it’s important to have imagery in your life-spaces that brings a calm over you; that part of your art collection that when you look at it, stimulates a positive chemical response and releases the feel good chemical dopamine.
This exhibit will open on ‘Black Friday,’ November 24, and run through December 31 2017.

*Exhibit illustration by Riki Matsuda for The Southern, 2017.


Adam Eddy
Adam Stockman
Alex Waggoner
Allyson Church
Amy Bagwell
Amy Herman
Angela Chvarak
Anna Hopkins
Anne Cimballa
Antonio Modesto Milian
Ari Bird
Beau DiFiore
Blakely Little
Camela Guevara
Carly Thomas
Carley Rickles
Carrie B Waghorn
Chambers Austelle
Chloe Hogan
Creighton Barrett
Christine Bush Roman
Christopher Dotson
Chuck Keppler
Codie OConnor Kyle
Colin McNaught
Colleen Critcher
Court Sparks
Crystal Desai
Danielle Cox
Deonna (Bettis) Janone
Diana Toma
Dorian Warneck
Dorothy Netherland
Doug McAbee
Douglas Piper
Drew Yakscoe
Elena Hutchings
Emily Hoerdemann
Emily Reyna
Fumiha Tanaka
Hannah Helton
Heather Thornton
Hollie Chastain
Holly Veselka
Greg Hart
Jen Ervin
Jena Heaton
Jennifer Pate
Jeremy C. Darby
Jessica Diaz
Jonathan Rypkema
Jonathan White
Joshua Lynn
Julia Deckman
Karen Paavola
Kate MacNeil
Katherine Dunlap
Katy E Mixon
Kelly Crosby
Kevin Morrissey
Kirsten E Moran
Kristin Malin
Leigh Sabisch
Lese Corrigan
Lydia Campbell
Lydia See
Lynne Riding
Marina Dunbar
Mary Walker
Michael Hayes
Michael R. Lucas
Morgan Kinne
Natalie Escobar
Natalie Lanese
Nikki Scioscia
Nina Garner
Olivia Cramer
Paige Feigley
Rachael Nerney
Rachel Jones
Reba West Fraser
Riki Matsuda
Rosie Harper
Samantha Rueter
Sarah Collier
Sarah Frierson
Sarah Lyons
Sarah Savannah Roach
Savannah Rusher
Shanequa Gay
Sheila Burgos
Sophie Treppendahl
Susan C Gregory
Susan Klein
Taylor Adams
Taylor Faulkner
Tedd Anderson
Tim Jump
Timme Lu
Tory Wright Lee
Tracie L. Hinnant
Vassiliki Falkehag
Victor Hart
Whitney Stoddard
William Burnside Bolton
Yvette Dede
Yvonne Cheah